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Types of Divination

  • Astrology.

  • Augury. Interpreting the will of the gods by studying the flight of birds: whether they are flying in groups or alone, noises they make, direction flight, types of birds, etc.

  • Automatic Writing.

  • Bibliomancy. Random selection of a verse or passage from texts generally considered to hold the truth. The selected verse is taken as a prognostication of future events.

  • Biorhythms.

  • Cartomancy.

  • Cheiromancy. The art of characterizing a person's future through palm reading.

  • Chronomancy. Divination of the best time to do something such as determining lucky and unlucky days.

  • Dowsing.

  • Extispicy. The practice of using anomalies in animal organs and entrails to predict or divine future events.

  • Feng Shui.

  • Geomancy.

  • Geomancy. Earth divination based on interpretation of marks on the ground or patterns formed by tossed handfuls of soil, rocks, or sand.

  • Graphology.

  • Gyromancy. Dizziness divination where a person spins around inside or walks the circumference of a circle marked with letters. Inferences are made from the letters where the person stumbles or falls across the circle¬ís edge.

  • Hydromancy. Water divination based on the color, flow, or ripples produced by pebbles dropped into it.

  • I Ching.

  • Ifa.

  • Lithomancy. Predicting the future based on light reflected from stones or gems.

  • Necromancy.

  • Numerology.

  • Ogham.

  • Oneiromancy (Dream Interpretation).

  • Onomancy. Divination based on a person's given name.

  • Ouija.

  • Palmistry.

  • Phrenology.

  • Physiognomy.

  • Pyromancy. Divination based on fire including making smoke, casting salt into fire, and burning or heating bones, plants, etc.

  • Rhabdomancy. Divination by means of any rod, wand, staff, stick, arrow, etc. such as setting them on-end and interpreting where they fall.

  • Rune Casting. Randomly selecting tiles or stones inscribed with symbols and throwing or laying them out in a pattern, then using the symbols and pattern to answer a question contemplated with deep concentration.

  • Runes.

  • Scrying.

  • Tarot.

  • Tasseomancy. Interpreting patterns in tea leaves, coffee grounds, or wine sediments

  • Tasseomancy.

  • Wishing Wells. Making offerings such as coins, weapons, and armor to water gods associated with sacred springs and wells with the belief that any spoken wish would be granted.

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