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Types of Bat and Ball Games

  • American Baseball. A team sport played between two teams each with nine players. The goal is to score points by hitting a thrown ball with a bat, and then running past and touching a series of four bases arranged at the corners of a ninety-foot square.

  • Bat-and-Trap. An English pub team sport also known as 'knurl and spell' played between two teams of up to eight players. At any one time, one team is batting and the other is bowling. The objective is to strike the ball so that it passes between two white posts.

  • Brannboll.

  • British Baseball. An English team sport also known as Welsh baseball played between two teams of up to eleven players. No substitutions are allowed. The ball is thrown underarm, the bat has a flat striking surface, and bases are designated by poles

  • Corkball. A mini baseball game utilizing a smaller ball and bat than in mainstream American baseball.